Magic Circle Variations<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 2847

Magic Circle Variations
Niedra Gabriel
Class 2847

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Pascale Perez
Excellent- I really enjoyed Niedra's class as usual
Great use of ring to understand neck pull! One of the best ways of teaching it that I have seen. Thanks Niedra! I loathe neck pull, but today I cracked it. Pilates is always humbling. x
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Wonderful mermaid...what a release in your sides!!!
Niedra Gabriel
thank you Pascale, Margaret and Rachel for your posts. I love magic circle as it offers such a different sort of twist on the work. so glad you are enjoying this twist.
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Enjoyed the class!! Love the enthusiasm..
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Enjoyed the exercises with the Magic Circle. Thank you!
Thanks for a lot of new ideas!
Niedra Gabriel
thank ladies for all your posts.magic circle is always great!
Nice pace. Elegant effort. Terrific toning. Thanks, Niedra!
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The mermaid made all the difference (stiff hips and sides)! Feeling strong and stretched in the right places! Thanks :)
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