Magic Circle Variations<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 2847

Magic Circle Variations
Niedra Gabriel
Class 2847

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Love this class. I'm feeling Happy. Thank you.
fun and challenging as always. Thank you!
Nice mermaid! Love the use of the magic circle.
Love this class.. wonderful
Niedra Gabriel
thanks ou ladies for your posts. I LOVE the magic circle and am thrilled you enjoyed working with it as well.
Keep working out!
Brilliant workout; even if I couldn't keep up with it all! Phew!
Niedra Gabriel
Good for you Sarah, challenging yourself is always fun...
Great workout...just have to work harder on the utter last challenge of getting to standing position from the Seal :) Thanks for the wonderful variations!
Niedra Gabriel
Another "stand up" lady from Australia - I love it. Thank you for your post.
What a fantastic class; I loved the mermaid series you did at the end, felt wonderful..thank you :)
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