Play on the Tower<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 2907

Play on the Tower
Meredith Rogers
Class 2907

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Thanks Meredith, another great class!
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This was a blast. Long awaited;)
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Thanks Meredith ~ I'm always happy to see tower classes since this is what I own. There were some fun moves, especially liked those single leg circles!
Thanks, gals!
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Loved it! Thank you Meredith.
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I enjoyed the class very much. I was able to have a really helpful image of a sphere of light in my core, moving up and down along my spine as I moved during the roll up - it was a helpful way of focusing on the movement of the spine and my center of gravity.
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Delicious - great choices to loosen and stretch on a cold winter day. Meredith/Tower = fabulous.
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Feels really good ! Love the stretching of the legs/shoulders with the springs,it reminds me one of my favorite with the TRX that it feels amazing.
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nice...gotta practice the timing on this one....milk every little bit of juice out of it. thank you!
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