Play on the Tower<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 2907

Play on the Tower
Meredith Rogers
Class 2907

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Loved it!!! I love tower workouts and this fit the bill I feel nice and stretched now :)
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This class is coming out of my queue and going into my favorites! Thank you Meredith! I loved when you said, separate shoulders instead of bring them together when were we were using the push through bar in prone and coming up into extension. Lovely class!
Thank you Nancy for sharing the sphere of light visual...
And thanks to you ALL for taking class with me and sharing your feedback!
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Great class!!!
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I love your way of doing!!
Thank you very much!!
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Meredith Rogers it's always a pleasure to do a class with you. You were my instructor about 5 years ago and I just love how you make every move look so easy.
Thank you all for your feedback!
Hi Chantal
That's so very nice of you to say.
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Yay! Found you. So enjoyable to observe as I Accumulating training hours! Thank you
Yay! Stephanie I'm so happy you did!
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