Spiral and Release Cadillac<br>Rebekah Rotstein<br>Class 2938

Spiral and Release Cadillac
Rebekah Rotstein
Class 2938

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After long I ve done Cadillac class and I ve really enjoyed it ! Thank you
Rebekeh, you are an amazing teacher ! I always learn from you and enjoy your classes so much ! Thank you from Chicago :)
such a fantastic sequence. This is going to be my pre-race warm up for all my upcoming obstacle courses. Everything in my body feels ready to run, climb, twist and even catch my fall!
Gifted speaker and mover, creating exactly the biomechanical patterns, which can be applied to the various special needs of our clients. I am excited also, to put the neglected fuzzies to use. So many gems of knowledge, I will be reviewing this many times.
Jan S
Wonderful to get the dust off the fuzzies and use them more often. My equestrian clients will love the front of the hip sequences. Perfect for them.
Awesome class, excited to practice and teach.
Thank you Rebekah and Meri, so valuable!
Tina A.
This is an excellent class! Great rotations!
Love it. I too am vertically challenged so I truly appreciate your insight and set ups 🤗
Absolutely wonderful class, - I am glad I discovered it today!! I loved the armwork with the legsprings! The options of the pilates equipment are so endless but it takes such a magician like you, Rebecca, to bring new, valuable ideas out! Thank you so much, - I will come back to this often!
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