Direction and Space<br>Brent Anderson<br>Tutorial 2969

Direction and Space
Brent Anderson
Tutorial 2969

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THE BEST! like always Thank you so much for all tips
I love every and each explanation, example or workshop from Brent is always incredible
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Great Workshop x Love your method of teaching.
Thank you Debra and others. Wouldn't be great without you. See you in future Polestar and Pilates Anytime events.
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Thank you very much!! Love it!
That was fun! Wish I were there in person!
Heidi G
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This series was fantastic! I am doing all my practice at home and recently took a Mat 1 course. I came back feeling like I did not know anything and completely defeated. Thank you for the pep talk and new ways to SEE and feel for corrections.
Valya Karcher
Wow! It's always a treat when Brent Anderson is in the house. My sincere appreciation for sharing your expertise with us.
Great class. These tip classes have been powerful for me as a practitioner and a teacher of Pilates. Thank you Dr. Anderson.

Helpful concepts although the tool of using a glass of water probably not that effective if you are someone carrying weight about your tummy - it would spill even though your pelvis is in neutral!
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