HIIT Reformer Fusion 2
Courtney Miller
Class 2986

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Muy buena clase Courtney!! Saludos desde Barcelona
I have gained so much strength from doing this workout once a week. It’s also been SO good for balancing me out left to right. More HIIT classes from Courtney Miller please!
Awesome class by Courtney again!  Just couldn’t get my foot in the straps ....oh well will have to keep trying.  
Oh wow... I am not a fan of HIIT (so hard!) but this was super fun and challenging! Definitely a new one for my favorites list! Thankyou Courtney Miller !
Amazing class - one of the best ones I've ever done : ) 
It's amazing. Thank you so much.
I’m diving into the catalogue of reformer classes and found this one. This is one of my favorite. Very intense indeed. I really like the mix between Hiit and Pilates reformer, it fits my today’s mood. Thanks so much, you are so inspiring!
Loved the lunge sequence warm up!
I absolutely loved it!!!! Thank you!
super fun! 
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