Reformer Foundations
Meredith Rogers
Class 2993

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I completely agree sometimes work on the foundations are the best workouts. Thanks great video :)
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Ahhh. That was blissful to just relax and take it easy. Meredith has the perfect vocal tone for this kind of class. Especially liked the cue to slide the shoulder blades down first before pressing the arms in the supine tricep press. Really felt a lovely new connection. Notice I normally have the shoulders ever so slightly elevated without ever realising in this position. Thanks! x
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I love the basics! Your cueing is so good! Thank you!
Thank you to you all for returning to the basics with me. I'm hoping this progression series will be fun for us all.
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Great class as always Meredith Rogers thank you. 👍
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Excellent cues for work on the reformer. Thanks so much Meredith Rogers. Looking forward to Class 2
When will class 2 be released? Love this workout!
iOS Cust205314 ~ We're glad you enjoyed this class! The second class is going to be released next week!
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It's gonna happen!!! May 11th. Can't wait!!
Thanks everyone!
The second class is ready for you.
Let me know what you think.
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