Introducing New Movements
Meredith Rogers
Class 2994

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Thoroughly engaging and very practical movements for a stronger.
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Thank you so much for the amazing class! X
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Thank you Meredith- lovely class. Great economy of cuing!
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As always, your movements are slow and methodical Meredith. It makes me have a deeper appreciation for the fundamentals of Pilates. Thank you, I thoroughly enjoy your classes Meredith..
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Great class Meredith! Excellent cueing as always!
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Superb!! Loved the side over prep! and breaststroke prep without any tension.....That is so good! I just love your work Meredith. thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.
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Loving this series. My body apparently needed this- it feels great! The pace of this class allowed me to discover and work on the asymmetries in my body. Long days at the computer don't do awesome things to my spine... The side over prep is so hard- what a great challenge! Thanks Meredith.
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I've been loving this series. I need progresssions as I rebuild my body after having a baby so these classes are perfect!
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I really like how that built on the previous video and how Meredith explained why she progressed or why we worked on certain things in the foundations. I also liked the foreshawdowing to the next video ;) look forward to it
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