Introducing New Movements
Meredith Rogers
Class 2994

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This was a great reformer class! I liked the way you brought us through moves that we did in the basics and added a little more to it. I especially like the way you cue us, Meredith. I am a form addict and find such benefit in your reminders of where our body should be. I'd really love it if you could make a few more progression classes that would eventually take us to long and short spine. Thank you so much for this class, Meredith! It was absolutely wonderful!!
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Thank you teacher.I enjoy your classes so much.:))
I'm so happy that you all enjoyed this class so much! Thanks for playing with me. The short spine will come Terri D.!
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Great class as always. Thank you Meredith Rogers :)
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Love going back to this one for the basics- feels so good, strong and reminds me what I should be thinking of for the exercises- thank you!
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Meredith!!! I probably shouldn't admit this, but thanks to your cueing in the Arms Sitting Series, I think I felt Rhomboids and Salute CORRECTLY for the very first time! Embarrassing...yet so gratifying. My students are going to be in for a real treat next week! **insert evil laugh** Thanks as always for your fabulous classes that bring new life to the basics. I'm counting down until November when you visit my part of the world...
Amazing Kk! How exciting.
I am so looking forward to seeing you in the fall.
Thank you this series. I have enjoyed every moment!
So great to hear Vicky Andrews!!
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Thank you very much for a great class!!! Loved the back extension without springs!!!
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