Osteoporosis Safe Mat<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 3001

Osteoporosis Safe Mat
Amy Havens
Class 3001

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I'm recovering from several years of CFS/ME along with autoimmune disease, which results in chronic muscle weakness. I'm 40 - definitely not senior though I can feel that way! - and this class was ideal for me. I'll use some of these movements, particularly the standing ones, with my CFS clients too. Thank you.
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Kate , thank you so much for sharing this feedback with me and others so we can hear that yes...it's not just for seniors! Much of the standing work can/and should be done by anyone/everyone! Movement is good for All!!!
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Thank you to Merrill for requesting this class and to Amy for delivering it. I have added it to my “favourites” list.
Thank you Nita
Michael Mary S
Thank you, Amy. As always, I love your suggestions -- especially for older adults. I can't wait to use some of your ideas in my mat class for older adults.
Thank you Michael Mary , glad to hear my classes give you ideas and inspiration to work with your older adults!
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Love this Amy. I've been looking for some ideas for using the pole. Thanks x
Looking forward to trying this myself and seeing you work with others when you join us in June!
Jan -- Pat Guyton also has a great class on the site using the Gondola pole, check that out too! Megan Macgregor -- can't wait to share ideas with your crew, it's getting close!
Melanie H
Lovely class thanks Amy xx
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