Osteoporosis Safe Mat<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 3001

Osteoporosis Safe Mat
Amy Havens
Class 3001

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Amy is great like always
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Thank you Amy, that was wonderful! I will be adding the side lying series and balance work to my mat class this evening.
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Thank you so much. I teach a group of bereaved mothers in their 70s and 80s and I am always looking for ideas. This class was wonderful.
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Thank you Amy, important work to teach, especially your caring, gentle approach, we'll all be there one day!
Love these! Will add some of these to my BB chair class for seniors.
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Excelente clase,es una lástima que no se traduzcan las clases al castellano pues llegarían a muchísima más persona de habla hispana no solo en Latinoamérica sino también en España,espero que lo tengan en cuentan para próximas clases

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Thank you gals, so much! As you know, I love working with this demographic and I see that you do too! Happy to give you some fun and useful ideas for your classes!
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Lovely to have a class for seniors they get so much out of balance work and on PNF
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As a 70 yr old senior, I love this class! The slow, relaxed pace allows me to listen to the instructions and at the same time pay attention to what my body is feeling as I'm going through the moves. (My body has several weak
spots that need to be respected before they can get stronger.) For me, the class is challenging in many places but not at all discouraging and I feel energized at the end. What could be better?! Thanks so much for this blessing, Amy!
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Francie thank you SO much for this feedback!!! THIS is why I teach, comments like this, personal experience and truthful feelings about how the class was for YOU! Keep up your Pilates practice, move with us and share your joy for what feels good to you! Hope to hear from you again soon!
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