Rib Cage Freedom<br>Madeline Black<br>Class 3023

Rib Cage Freedom
Madeline Black
Class 3023

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Sutthinee S
i feel i need lot of control and need lot of awareness because a slow and a little movement but it make me feel lot of my upper back to open. love the spine twist was unlock my spine. thank alot
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Madeline, thank you for this very Special Workout. I Could Use it for some Special Clients
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My stiff thoracic and sticky left ribs thank you! :)
Tuuli V
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Thank you Madeline for easy to follow instructions. This class gave me a lot of new ideas how to work mobility of thoracic spine and rib cage. After it I feel great! :)
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Great class to open the chest and shoulders. Loved it!
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I really liked the intellectual level of this quiet, thoughtful class. It's this kind of awareness-creating class that keeps bringing me back lately and would like to see more - maybe a longer, full series from Madeleine. Would love to see what she does with it.
Have really enjoyed all the thorax tutorials and classes .... Thank you Madeline (and PA for providing such quality education!)

Am now really looking forward to the London intensive in September!
Maria L
I liked the class, it combines a great balance of stretching and relaxing. The duration should have been longer than 40 min, because it finishes unexpectedly quickly.
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