Rib Cage Freedom<br>Madeline Black<br>Class 3023

Rib Cage Freedom
Madeline Black
Class 3023

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Excellent class. Thanks for this good work.
Excellent class ! I love these therapy based classes ! I appreciate the knowledge and exercises that follow with it ! Thank you so much
shall we use a pillow or towel for a little more kifotic client under the head/neck?
Thank you Madeline Black again and again, every class, tutorial and workshop you give is packed with important information and detailed description on how to execute each movement. You are a gem for students and teachers. We are very fortunate to have you on Pilatesanytime.
Showed me how I need to do more of this, thanks!
What a wonderful class. Thank you so much for sharing your outstanding teaching!
WOW ! my lungs feels so amazing after that class, this is what it feels like to really BREATHE x LOVE IT thank you x
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Fabulosa clase de movimiento. Magistral. Gracias Madeline!♡
Amazing as always! My ribs feel so good now. Thank you so much for what you do, Madeline.
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Parts of my body that seem to never move got moving this morning. Thanks!
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