20 Minute Abs<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 3029

20 Minute Abs
Amy Havens
Class 3029

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Love these challenges (although I had to do this without a ball as I don't own one ) look forward to the next one thank you Amy Havens x
Thanks everyone, keep it up -- lots of fun ahead!! Happy Moving!!
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Loved it! Movements we've done before but slightly different and then you add the ball in- awesome class!
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I really liked this short but powerful class, Amy. In case you're curious, my "a-ha" moments incorporate ideas I intuitively now know about movement (because of Pilates), but become much more apparent during this class! I am able to visualize much easier what I'm asking my body to do. Those moments include1) abdominals & back muscles move the spine (who knew?); 2) shortening levers will increase intensity during rotation (by crossing arms); and 3) exhaling right before moving legs away from body (frog on overball) helps with stabilization. Thank you for the fun lesson! Ok, homework time is now over
Summer -- great ah-ha moments girl! Keep it up, can't wait to hear what else you discover in your own practice!
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Love the idea in the beginning (with the Ball) Thank you!
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Hi Amy, Thank you so much for the class today. I have a question about one of the exercises at the beginning. You were sitting up and you asked us to pull one hip back and forth. I took this to mean pelvic rotation, is that correct? I loved your cue that it comes from inside because when you added upper body rotation I kept my pelvis stable. Is that correct, to rotate upper body but keep pelvis still? Thank you so much Amy for your help and this challenge.
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Thank you Ira and Christine ! Christine -- you were correct with my 'pull one hip back and forth' . :) . You got it perfectly!! :) . Glad you're with me/us in this challenge!
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whhhoo that really kicked my abs! :)
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That was amazingly FUN! I was so hoping to be a lot further in the challenge. I better pick up the pace! Thank you Amy! Its always a pleasure!
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