Advanced Mat Variations<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 3041

Advanced Mat Variations
Niedra Gabriel
Class 3041

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May I ask Niedra Gabriel where the CRISS-CROSS Variation came from please?
Thank you very much.
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Another fabulous, challenging class from you! Love your stamina and your humor!!
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Another great mat workout
Excellent coaching for the wheel. Very helpful. A very nice variety of advanced exercises!
Wonderful workout as usual from you Niedra! I loooved the different variations on exercises but "rolling like a ball" was my favorite :) thank you!
Pascale Perez
Fantastic class. thank you Niedra. I really enjoyed it very much, very challenging
Maria L
Great challenging workout, really deserves or even exceeds 2/3 level. Thank you
Niedra Gabriel
Than you for your comment Maria, its a pleasure to read that you enjoyed the challenge
Thank you Niedra, great workout! Love the class!
Niedra Gabriel
this is great Ira - so glad you enjoyed the workout.
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