Full-Body Prenatal Reformer<br>Leah Stewart<br>Class 308

Full-Body Prenatal Reformer
Leah Stewart
Class 308

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LOVE this class! It is a great workout for "pregos" more advanced in Pilates and are in a desperate need for something more than the basics. Wonderful movements and ideas! It felt great to safely workout my abs!

I'm so glad that you enjoyed the class. I love the abdominal work as well. If you are looking for some more safe abdominal work, check out the pre natal Wunda Chair class. I personally really like the kneeling abdominal exercise.

Take care,


Wonderful class! I tried this with my pregnant clients this weekend and they loved it!
Thank you so much for sharing Leah. I am doing a pre-natal Pilates class where I teach and this was a nice breath of fresh air for some new ideas. By they way--you look amazing at 36 weeks here.
Tammy and Summer,

Thank you and I am so glad you and your clients enjoyed the class!!
This is so well executed & so perfect for my weight & age challenged people...I am using your arm series for all of my clients. You have such a nice demeanor
Thank you Nancy!! I love the arm series too!!
Great Workout and some great ideas thank you!
I love this workout Leah, great cueing, some really nice ideas.. I have a few pregnant ladies altogether at the moment. They will love this class.

That's wonderful that you will be able to use this class with your pregnant clients. Have fun!
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