Reformer/Tower Circuit<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 3083

Reformer/Tower Circuit
Amy Havens
Class 3083

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Thank you so much Dagmar !
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Such a wonderful and interesting sequence! Thanks, Amy!
Thank you Playforever !
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I love Pilates too! I love these combo classes and this one was so good! I actually did it after doing day seven of your series and it felt awesome. Love the jump board! love the tower! what a great combo, more please! Loved that you
kept mentioning the high hamstrings, really helped me to focus. Also loved when we held the tower when doing the leg Springs I had never done that and it was great! Thank you! How many times did I say love in this comment! Lol
Connie , you're so encouraging, thank you for always taking the time to leave such thoughtful comments. feedback and suggestions for me, I really, really value it!
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Always something new to learn from Amy.
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That was great fun Amy, my body feels wonderful! Love using the tower with the reformer, it adds extra challenge while forcing more control. I tried holding the tower while doing the leg springs but then placed my hands by my side lightly on the edge of carriage (that seemed to work better for my shoulders). I loved the seated arm work, very creative. I love Pilates, it is the best! Thank you Amy and thank you PA for this wonderful site!
Thank you Kay !! :) . lorily -- I'm so glad you enjoyed this workout. Yes, good idea with placing your hands on the edge of the carriage to be 'good' with your shoulders.. We are so happy you're here with us!
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So fun and challenging! I didn't want this to end!
Darlene -- thank you!!
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