Reformer/Tower Circuit<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 3083

Reformer/Tower Circuit
Amy Havens
Class 3083

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That was a blast:))))))) a great piece to workout. Thank you Amy.
What a fantastic class!! I love your classes Amy! Thank you:)
Great class, interesting and fun!!! Thank you.
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Loved this class! I could use a suggestion as to how to stay comfortable when holding the base of the tower for leg spring work. My arms had a tough time getting a firm grasp because of the shoulder rests.
Thank you Z A , Anne-Marie , Valerie Kosty and Lisa ! I so appreciate your positive and clear feedback!
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Many, many ideas and very fun workout!
Thanks a lot.
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That was delightful!
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Thanks, Amy! Loved, loved this class!!!
Thank you gals! Glad you enjoyed it!
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Thank you, Amy. Fabulous class. Definitely one of my favourite favourites.
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