Athletic Mixed Equipment<br>Louise Johns<br>Class 3099

Athletic Mixed Equipment
Louise Johns
Class 3099

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Really enjoyed the side version on the pilates arc! Actually I enjoyed all of it! Thank you!
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LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the work out! Made me sweat!
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Great choreography,demo and cues, it was a fun interval chalange . I enjoyed the variations and rhythm changes with the breath initiating :) thank you
MarieJosee So glad you enjoyed the class...
unfortunately i had to switch out twice and never managed to finish the workout as you are shouting a bit too much ( i think the tone is a little to sharp and out there for me) :(
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loved this class great variety!
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I haven't enjoyed a class just for me this much in a long time. Always looking for new ideas for my clients and this is so great!!!
Tami so Happy you enjoyed the class, have fun sharing the work with your clients :)
Really great mix workout!! Thank you so much!
so glad you enjoyed the class, yeah :)
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