Athletic Mixed Equipment<br>Louise Johns<br>Class 3099

Athletic Mixed Equipment
Louise Johns
Class 3099

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This video is great. Very much appreciate the modifications and progressions that were included.
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Thank you for such a brilliant class. Some great ideas, love the layering and how you created flow!
Nice form, nice delivery! Lots of new ideas to add freshness to my teaching, thank you so much:)
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glad you enjoyed the class and got some ideas, thats what its all about, sharing the work and having fun! :) 

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Lovely trifactor - brilliant
Liana C
Excellent class and clear cueing! Thank you! Love your flow :) 
Liana So glad you enjoyed the class and thank you for your feedback. 
Sooooo fun!! I loved how are you started off a theme and continued to teach similar movements and exercises on all three apparatus. The whole thing was so fun, athletic and made my body feel great!
Eagle Thanks for the review; I'm so glad you enjoyed the class and noticed my themes. So fun :) 
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