Athletic Mixed Equipment<br>Louise Johns<br>Class 3099

Athletic Mixed Equipment
Louise Johns
Class 3099

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Great class! thank you so much
Fun variations. Thank you. Applause!
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Loved the variations. Great workout.
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Very nice teacher!! Thanks for the workout. I hope she will comes often to Pilates Anytime.
Glad you enjoyed the workout, there are two more classes coming out soon. Primal Pilates Foundations and Primal Pilates flow.
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I really enjoyed this! I'm taking these ideas and modifying for Beg and Adv classes as well. You were so thorough and intuitive with your cues Louise!
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Meredith - I'm so glad you enjoyed the class and modifying for your use is a great way to put them into practice. Enjoy!
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Thank you Louise Johns Enjoyed your class very much.
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Ilove the class thank you very much Louise Johns
Great class would love to see more athletic workouts !
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