Where is Your Head?<br>Cara Reeser<br>Tutorial 3101

Where is Your Head?
Cara Reeser
Tutorial 3101

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Andrea Andrea you found it. Great. :)
This tutorial was fabulous. I love Cara's clear explanation. I'm really looking forward to doing the mat class now with Clara and then being able to share this knowledge with my clients. A big thank you.
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I've just done a neck protocol course with you and this is the perfect workshop to revise the methods you taught us- its so logical and is going to really help with teaching neck alignment in all planes. Thank you and your graceful model.
Much needed thank you - will be really useful for my mat clients. So many take the strain into the back of their necks so the towel will provide valuable feedback. In your own words 'Super':) Thanks
Leslie P
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I love how you explain anatomy and body mechanics! I had a serious whiplash injury and lost that neck/head awareness. This helps me so much! 
So amazing tutorial. I felt my back extension so different now. Thank you. And please come more often to PA! 
Cara Reeser, I have watched this many times, mainly when I feel I need it, and I just love this workshop so much!  The information is presented so clearly and such great info here.  I fondly remember being your partner at the Irene Dowd foot workshop.  Thanks so much for this!
This was so helpful! I always struggle with neck pain, and this tutorial has opened a whole new world of awareness for me! Thank you so much, that was priceless.

Cholong K
내용이 심플하지만 정말 중요하고 좋은 내용이네요!!
🙌🙌🙌🙌 thank you so much. I so appreciate your thoughtful explanation and explication of these fundamental movements. 
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