Nourishing Mat Warm Up<br>Jenna Zaffino<br>Tutorial 3108

Nourishing Mat Warm Up
Jenna Zaffino
Tutorial 3108

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This is great! Would love more rolling/pandiculation/vibrational movements~
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Wonderful, Jenna Zaffino! Love your honest approach to movement and even though I felt rather low-energy before starting, your warm-up had just the effect you described. Thank you :)
I come back to this often. My modern dancer self gets very excited by movement that I k ow well but your thoughtful cues and thoughts about them makes it all feel so much deeper and juicier. Needed it this morning! ❤️
Cynthia G
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Thank you so much.  Lots of wisdom in that warm up.
Cynthia G
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Love this class. Sunday morning special for me.  Thanks
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Loved this! I feel so Good. Thank you Jenna!
Great tights too!
This is such a great way for my body to wake up this morning before approaching another busy day in NYC as a dancer. Thank you!
That was way cool, thank you!
Jenna Zaffino
@Lisette-Anne V Thank you so much! 
This was great! Need more videos from you.
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