Nourishing Mat Warm Up<br>Jenna Zaffino<br>Tutorial 3108

Nourishing Mat Warm Up
Jenna Zaffino
Tutorial 3108

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This would be a great series the day after a deep tissue massage.
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You are the best. I wish you were on every day.
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This is wonderful! It appears that you may have been looking into some of the fascia research and incorporating it into your pilates anytime teaching. Thank you!
Nikki D
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That was fantastic. Without realising I felt stuck somehow, this little routine has left me feeling amazing. Thank you so much, my class will thank you too I'm sure!
Wow! I have that aging thing happening to me, too! So timely as I find I need more warmup than many of the intermediate workouts include. I can do this every day, even in bed. P.A. you rock once more. You too, Jenna:)
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You always lift me up with everything you do! I so needed puppy (need I say more). Ha!
Jenna Zaffino
Thank you so much, everyone! Knowing that this class was not "Pilates proper" I had some trepidation about how it would be received. Thank you for showing me love and acceptance as I expand the boundaries of my work! xo
Love this warm up!!
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I hope this class/tutorial will be followed by Jenna leading us in a mat class. The only one on the site so far requires an exercise ball which sadly I don't have while traveling which is probablythe time I can most this release!
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I'm so thrilled I found this little warm-up/release. It kept me from just jumping unconsciously into my chair session. It even resulted in me choosing a different class because I could feel that my low back was sore and I hadn't even seen that before this class. Thanks!!
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