Nourishing Mat Warm Up<br>Jenna Zaffino<br>Tutorial 3108

Nourishing Mat Warm Up
Jenna Zaffino
Tutorial 3108

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Jenna Zaffino
Hi JJoni Thank you so much for watching. I actually have a few mat classes on PA (with longer hair) They are #2447, #1930, #1329 & #886. If you go to my page and see all classes you can see some tower, chair and reformer as well. Hope this helps and thank you again!
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Thank you for those reminders! When I checked your classes yesterday I forgot click on "all". I'd thanked you for #2447 a year ago but neglected to put it in my favorites. Got you there now!
Jenna Zaffino
Awe! Thanks Joni Im honored to be on the list, love!!!
Loved this! I have done the bent knee rocking and oddly right efore watching this I had meditated and that was what I found myself doing and then your wonderful video came up on my search to enforce this pattern and philosophy with even more depth! Thank you! i am looking forward to incorporating this as a warm up!!! The rocking is such a gentle and powerful way to connect to my body and its energy! :)))
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Thank you Jenna, love your work and have a few clients in mind that can benefit from this warm up.
Erika Quest
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Thank you Jenna Zaffino I needed this! Love you my friend!
Wow! I felt such a vibration and release through my neck/throat. What is this technique so I can learn more?
This felt really good on my body. I loved your cueing. And I was able to do a roll up afterwards that felt like all part of my body were working together. Thank you! - Denise
Such a nice way to start the day!
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