Tendon Stretch Deconstructed<br>Rael Isacowitz<br>Tutorial 3135

Tendon Stretch Deconstructed
Rael Isacowitz
Tutorial 3135

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David Sterry thank you for watching. I am pleased you find the breakdown helpful. I will be teaching a one day event in Marbella early October. I hope to see you there!
DJ it is so inspiring for me to think that this work is reaching all corners of the globe - even Zambia! I love it! Thank you so much to you and other for their gracious comments.
Ewa I have performed the Tendon stretch on pretty much every type of Pilates equipment out there, including Gratz. I also had the pleasure of being cued in this very exercise by Romana, Kathy, Ron, Eve - the great Elders of our industry. True it feels a little different on each Reformer, but personally I love that feeling of having to adapt to a slight different feel - that is what life it all about! I hope you find the joy too.
Sarah Edwards at Positive Pilates Solihull at 49 the world is your oyster and many wonderful years of teaching and practice lie ahead.
Kirsty good luck with your exam! I am certain you will be great. Thanks for your hard and dedicated practice, plus of course your support.
Thanks! Very good.
Thank you Rael. The exercise breakdown is amazing. Great tips to strengthen and prepare safely. Thank you.
Thanks Rael Isacowitz Really excited about "Vive un diĆ” BASI" on the 8th October in Marbella, Spain. My practice studio is Darte Pilates Marbella, a BASI studio where I am very fortunate to have David Velicka as my teacher. The posters are up there in the studio and I've already booked my place for the full day. So very much looking forward to it!
David Sterry I look forward to seeing you there. It will be a lot of fun!
Thank you for including the preparatory work in this video! Working on these exercises will give me confidence to progress to the reformer and know I am executing the tendon stretch correctly.
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