Tendon Stretch Deconstructed<br>Rael Isacowitz<br>Tutorial 3135

Tendon Stretch Deconstructed
Rael Isacowitz
Tutorial 3135

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LOVE these individual exercise breakdowns. And even better when it's Rael. It's a beautiful Sunday morning here in Southern Spain and just seen this. Life is good :) Thank you xx
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Thank you, Rael and Cara! Always wonderful to watch you both move so beautifully. Would be great to see more of these short tutorials showing the corresponding preparatory exercises for these advance exercises.
Watching this from Zambia .... thank you both for your commitment and dedication! I echo the comment from Jill above, that it would not only be great to see more of these, but pretty essential too! Please more of these educational and inspiring tutorials!
Nicole F
Fantastic break down! It looks so easy when you both do it. This video really motivates me to finally master the tendon stretch. I will work hard on the mat exercises in preparation before trying it again on my reformer.
When I'm feeling a bit deflated, Rael, your enthusiam re-ignites me and assures me that by re-training as a Pilates teacher at 49yrs I have done the right thing:) Thankyou.
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Thank for keeping the work real!­čśîcontinue please!
I never really enjoyed tendon stretch until now! Thank you Rael for bringing the joy , love and respect back to this exercise for me. You are a true artist and master teacher...
it is not what i do on the Gratz Reformer:(
I especially enjoy your connecting the earlier exercises to the advanced ones in order to see the build up. Thank you for your teaching and for the joy that you bring to the exercises.
I am so grateful for this video. I have been working very hard on this exercise and trying to master some of the more advanced exercises from BASI as I have my exam very soon! Its great to see you break it down and how you associate some of the simpler exercises, that can be practiced at home, with such an advanced move. Thank you so much Rael & Cara.
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