Oov Case Studies<br>Daniel Vladeta<br>Workshop 3140

Oov Case Studies
Daniel Vladeta
Workshop 3140

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Daniel,even though I have taken the courses for the OOv, there is still much to get from this workshop. Personally for me what resonated most was the last case, as I too have neck issues. So I tried the same approach on a day that just happened to be a neck problem day, and the next morning my issues were gone. It was fabulous. Usually I see my osteopath for relief. For that I am very grateful. I never tire of the exploration that can take place on the OOv. I am looking forward to the level 3 course in November!
I just wanted to add that it would be very interesting to hear the perceptions of being on the OOv from John, Aerin and Juliana. How they felt after being in the OOv or even the next day., how the experience was quite different from being in other unstable props, equipment., do they see this of value to everyone etc. There is so much going here, that is not necessarily exciting to watch as in a Pilates class, that viewers may not understand how the OOv, let's you be better at Pilates or any movement.
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Daniel is such a wealth of information and even though I have done his Level 1 Oov course twice, I still learn new things each time he teaches. Lynn you are very fortunate to have done Level 2 and to have Level 3 booked in. We are still hanging out for it to be offered down our end of the world!
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Thank you for this valuable workshop!! First of all - I learned so much about myself! I can listen to where my body works when I do the exercises in this slow pace. Are those the places that are usually weak? I can also try not to overwork those areas because there might be too much tension in the end.. It is simply a great exploration and challenge at the same time! And secondly David is giving so much biomechanic information and it all makes sense by then feeling it on the oov.
I also have a question concerning what you said to Juliana, David, - that you would progress her to the reformer. Would you then use the Oov also on the reformer? Doing footwork?
Hi Silke,
Of Course! : )
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Love these case studies- happy to see them offered!!
I've been a huge fan of the Oov and fortunate to have taken foundations, equipment and 3D assessments. I'm always informing my practice with work with my clients and learning, but what actually was most helpful to my deepen my knowledge was an awful ski accident 5 weeks after I took the 3D assessment course and being able to personally experience how AMAZINGLY INCREDIBLE the Oov helped me heal. Obviously there was a lot of downtime/studytime prior to actually moving much.... but, I could really understand the tension relationships and how my body shifted and refound stability. Every medical professional I saw was a bit dumbfounded with my progress. Not that you need an injury, but dedicate your time to your own daily Oov practice and take AS MANY COURSES AS POSSIBLE, then audit. Travel wherever you need to to do it, you WILL NOT be disappointed!! The blush does not fall of this rose, it only deepens and you'll be forever changed!
Laura C
Hi Daniel Vladeta . I've taken Oov Essentials, Oov Pilates and Oov Afferent from you and I loved this workshop! I'm sorry I missed Oov Efferent but will catch it next time for sure. It's especially helpful being able to refer to the video as many times as I like! My question is are you not asking the client to make corrections at all but rather letting the information and the Oov do the work? That's what I'm getting. For example, in the first case study, I would have asked the client to straighten his left arm, and I thought this was correct. Not so? The body will make the adjustments so no more corrections, just adding information to get what I'm looking for, right?

Looking back at the workshops I attended, I took this idea partially away but then some of the instructors I worked with were still giving corrections, and so I've been sort of half-doing it. I'm getting it now!
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