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Erika Quest
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I love watching and listening to you. Content is practical & right on target, and your presentation is (as always!) light, nurturing, positive, energetic, genuine, wisdom-filled and loving. I feel your passion for helping others through the airwaves. Thank you for being a light and love! Nancy Sanchez 😍
NancySanchezPilates YOU are so sweet to leave this lovely comment and thank you! You know this is an area of passion for me, so I'm so glad it shined through. Wishing to see you soon! Much love, Erika
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Thank you Erika for the great information! There are so many beneficial ideas that I'll be able to use with my clients, definitely will be giving you credit. Thanks also to PA for this wonderful site!!!!
You are very welcome lorily ! I'm so passionate about this topic, so thank you for taking the time to watch! Much love, Erika
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Jacks idea is brilliant , thanks, Jill!
Thanks Jill Really appreciate you taking time to watch this tutorial and I always like to make "foot" mechanics work a bit fun for my clients. The jacks work out great! Much love, Erika
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Erica, thank you for this wonderful class! I always enjoy your classes and emphasis on the active aging community. I teach regular mat classes to 50+ everyweek. I took so many notes to keep educating myself as well as the members. I feel like this population is only going to grow larger and the need for knowledgeable instruction is so important.
Thank you, Melissa
Oh Melissa it's my pleasure! This population is DEFINITELY only getting bigger and they deserve our time and effort, especially because they are so very willing to give their time and effort. Much love, Erika
Hello Erika from the UK!! This information is really helpful thankyou. I qualified as a Pilates teacher about 9 months ago at 49yrs myself and am combining this new career with my teaching in Higher Education. Loving it! I have a Friday class of older adults (70-90yrs) and this will be really helpful. SO lovely to be able to help this age group. Any more videos and ideas for Seniors (chair based/bands or otherwise will be really appreciated). Best wishes Sarah
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Hi from SoCal Sarah Edwards at Positive Pilates Solihull I'm so glad you found this tutorial helpful and what a wonderful new chapter in your life with adding Pilates! I most certainly will take your suggestions into consideration on my next time at Pilates Anytime. Might even add an Active Aging workshop, as there has been several requests for a longer format for this population. Much love, Erika
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