Breaking Down Breast Stroke <br>Benjamin Degenhardt<br>Tutorial 3176

Breaking Down Breast Stroke
Benjamin Degenhardt
Tutorial 3176

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Thanks, Benjamin, for another lovely tutorial! Really appreciate your detailed cuing, especially how to assist the client get even more of the exercise. Beautiful movement by Benny, too!
This was excellent Benjamin - there is so much clarity and warmth in your teaching that I feel inspired to start practising Breastroke again with a view to teaching. The reminder to meet the resistance and to keep the body in front of us in charge is always welcome. I always love hearing the reasoning behind assists.

Very quick question about the arm/hand position as you return to the start position. Do the wrists stay facing the ground (arms internally rotated) or does the upper arm rotate through the exercise?
Benjamin Degenhardt
Thanks for watching, so glad you enjoyed it — as for your question Megan Macgregor, the way I practice / teach it here the palms face mostly down, slightly out to the side during the stroke, possibly up towards the end. Just follow the movement organically. I make it my goal to return the most efficient way possible, it’s just a quick reset. In another version (not shown here) you could extend the arms all the way back and down to start, palms up, then bring your hands to the front of the box as you kick, then extend everything out. Hope this helps!
Carole F
Light springs?
Benjamin Degenhardt
Hi Carole, the Reformers I typically work with only have one type of resistance. That said, if I have a lighter option I’d definitely use it for the first variation shown. For the actual Breast Stroke, you’ll want a supportive spring. Hope this helps!
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So helpful. Thank you!
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Great clarity!
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loved this. great tutorial. thank you. always interesting, educational and sometimes even illuminating how different Pilates programs teach/breakdown each exercise and all the different variations. thanks again PilatesAnytime for these short tutorials. love them all.
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