Foundational Mat 1<br>Kathryn Ross-Nash<br>Class 3182

Foundational Mat 1
Kathryn Ross-Nash
Class 3182

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Outstanding! I'd love to see a series with Kathryn breaking down all the Pilates exercises.
Thank you!
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That was great! Teaser was Stomach Massage- first time making that connection! Thank you.
I am so thrilled! This is why I wrote the Red Thread of the Mat and continue to write the books- I feel these are the lost exercises that connect the pre-pilates to the work as we know it as well as eventually using the work to build to the more advanced exercises. The Purpose and knowing the purpose is so very important! there will be more levels of this class to come- each getting a touch more difficult and faster so you can build your workout as your work builds and strengthens. THANK YOU!!!! I appreciate your taking the time to write!
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I have a new starters class tonight Thank you for taking me back to basics - will def help me
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Great , thank you! Looking forward to your workshops at the PAA conference! :)
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THANK YOU so SO much Kathryn,
\This was AWESOME!
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You made me work! WOW! The breakdowns were incredible. Absolutely great. Oh, and I love your new haircut. :))
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Amazing! Love this for my beginners! So clear, thank you.
sorry-- the breathing on Hundred is wrong-- Joe would have corrected it if he were here now. LONGER exhalation or no benefit.
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