Foundational Mat 1<br>Kathryn Ross-Nash<br>Class 3182

Foundational Mat 1
Kathryn Ross-Nash
Class 3182

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Foundation exercises are really needed with newbies:) I especially loved the just holding and lifting the waist in side lying! So many collapse and think it's just leg work! Doing this tomorrow! Thank you!!
Pascale Perez
Great work! Thank you very much
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Love, love, loved it! I will use this in my basic mat class.

What a wonderful short foundational spring clean Kathi - thank you ❤️

I still have the same internal shower as I do from your other mat classes and seeing the connections again and again helps so much. R

Quick question about the position of the hand behind the neck in the Side Leg Breakdown. Behind the base of skull or further down?

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Please can you do more videos your amazing!
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This was an awesome class, thank you. Helped me to make even better connections!
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More please, one of my favorite teachers, Thank you Kathryn Ross-Nash
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This was wonderful! You said; "This was your first foundational mat." I really hope that means that there are more to come!
Yes! we made four. Each building on the next. These are based on the information on the Mat book I wrote- the Red thread of pilates- the integrated system & variations- the Mat. My goal is to share what I have learn about the method as a system and how to build the work within this method. :)
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Great class! Thank-you!
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