Cardio Reformer Circuit<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 3221

Cardio Reformer Circuit
Amy Havens
Class 3221

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Amy that was a great small energizing blast:) more pleaseeee☺️
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Thank you ! I will do it today with my students !!! :)
Michele M
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Fantastic session! Short yet effective along with great flow and sequence. Thanks Amy!:)
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Great class Amy. Thank you 😊😊
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Love your leggings!
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All my favorites in one series!
Love it!!! More more more of jump board please
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Excellent class, thank you!
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Loved it! After a busy busy week of having really no time for myself this was a perfect way for me to get a workout in! And... seated jumps! Who knew! Thankful for instructors like you and Pilates anytime!
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Loved it! These quick classes are great. Thanks😊
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