Grounding Mat Flow<br>Kristi C. & Sarah B.<br>Class 3227

Grounding Mat Flow
Kristi C. & Sarah B.
Class 3227

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Love this class! I had a great time to play with you and learn again so much!! Thank you!!!
Gosh that was fun! Thank you Sarah Bertucelli!
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I love the girl time classes. I was excited to see that Sarah was in this one. Fun! Thank you!
Thanks Kristi Cooper was a treat to teach with you! And Misti , thanks for you message. I hope there will be more.
Isabelle C
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Great work ! And complicity ;)
Valentina - Vali
Loved it! P.S. Christi, wher did you buy those leggings? :))
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What a great class! It was so much fun and your insights into everything from the fundamentals to more advanced movements are amazing! I did it before I taught today and my classes felt amazing and inspired- thank you!
Thanks Jennifer! Kristi Cooper and I had a great time teaching this class. We all need inspiration from others. I so glad you found some from us.
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A very nice class, really what I needed after a challenging weekend with some mountain trekking. Although I thought a Pilates class might not be a brilliant idea with my muscles already aching, you just made my day! Thank you ladies, also for all the laughter and joy.
Delicious! ☺️
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