Grounding Mat Flow<br>Kristi C. & Sarah B.<br>Class 3227

Grounding Mat Flow
Kristi C. & Sarah B.
Class 3227

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Just finished this with you. Wow I feel so light yet grounded. Just what I needed. Leaving for Cabo next week and I am downloading this to take with me! Arriba!
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arhh feel great after that... and smiling

Nice to do a class with Sarah again (reminded me of my BASI training back 2011!) x
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Great Class!!! Poor connection though! I wonder why?
Thanks for playing ladies! It was such a treat to teach and play with Kristi. Julia, I hope to cross paths with you again soon! Monica Higgins, I hope you have worked out the connection issue.
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ı loved it...thank you ...
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Love girl time... and really loving this class! Cant wait to try your ideas with my anti-stress and all about the fun in Pilates class in Zimbabwe, thank you both!
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aaawwwwww, so great! Little Tutorial and great workout! This class gave me a great workout and inspiration too! Love you ladies! Love girl time,LOL! Awesome
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Very nice. Thank you girls ☺️👍
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That was EXACTLY what I needed today. Thank you so much I really enjoyed it.
So lucky to get to be a part of girl time. This was a fun class to teach and be taught! Hopefully there will be more. Thanks!
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