Grounding Mat Flow<br>Kristi C. & Sarah B.<br>Class 3227

Grounding Mat Flow
Kristi C. & Sarah B.
Class 3227

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I love it! Great class!
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Great class to start my day! Great ab work ladies. Thank you. 
Thank you Lacey M !  I believe I am going to need to revisit this class!
Gaia R
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Ladies, thank you so much! So far there hasn't been a class I haven't liked, but the feeling after this one was really good, especially recovering after a few days ill! Thank you both! ;)
Hi Gaia R,  Thank you for taking the time to write.  I am so pleased to hear this class worked for you.  I sure hope you find more that do.  Take care. 
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Such a fun class and it went by so quickly! Love all of the girl time classes- hopefully some more soon!
Thank you Marissa!  So pleased to know you enjoy the girl time classes!!
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great class, nice and fun. thanks so much 
Thank you Conce P !! 
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