Cardio Reformer Flow<br>Carrie Macy Samper<br>Class 3241

Cardio Reformer Flow
Carrie Macy Samper
Class 3241

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Love your calm and creative style of teaching. Looking forward to trying some of the new
Jump board ideas. Thank you!!
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Great class!! Thank you for the cues and proper feet and jump height on the jump board- really will help me now with other classes and use the board more effectively!!
Great class Carrie Macy thankyou ☺️👍
This was so amazing. I had to make some adjustments for not being on the same I had to play catch up a bit but the instruction was sheer perfection. Just what I needed after a glutinous vacation!
Jennifer D
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Loved this class! New fav is the burlesque jumps!
Great class!!! ❤️
Loved this class! So much fun :)
Fun class thanks!
Hi Carrie - I just watched this class and enjoyed it very much. I do have a question for you however: I was taught to always move the spring bar to second gear and add a gear block for jump board which you did not do. Any thoughts on this?
@barbara Barbara I apologize for my delayed response! These notifications were going to my work email and I have been on maternity leave. For the jumpboard, the gear would depend on the person's leg length and knee, hip and ankle flexibility. But in general I leave it in first gear because this gives more room for the client to jump without hitting the back of the reformer, and it also makes it less likely that they will close the carriage fully after landing from the jump. I'm curious to know why you were taught to put it in second gear?
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