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Thank you Carrie...... Iv been going through similar experiences and it’s taken me quiet a few years of teaching Yoga and Pilates to get the work / life balance right..... came very close after 11 years of teaching to packing it in due to burn out .... now much better and as you say I have a self care routine including massage ...other disaplines..time to myself.... walks on the beach.... thank you again is all so familiar but good to hear it from another teacher....
Hello Carrie from the UK. Really enjoyed this, especially as a recently qualified Pilates teacher at 49yrs. I'm combining this with my work in Higher Education (where I also teach teachers!) I have been practicing Pilates myself for 6 yrs and have found it so beneficial. I have a few classes that are filling fast and so I am at already at the stage of reminding myself 'what did I want from this?' Very easy to get swept away...As I've witnessed through my Mom (who taught 'keep fit) if you start a class it can often be going 30yrs later!!!Any thoughts on the online market (as in Pilates anytime;) as being one way of avoiding burnout? With very best wishes, Sarahx
Hi Sarah Edwards at Positive Pilates Solihull , YES! Online resources, especially Pilates Anytime, are great things we have access to in order to assist with avoiding burnout. It is easy to get stuck in your regular routine, orders, etc. Watching teachers from other lineages on Pilates Anytime (or even your lineage) always gives great ideas and inspiration. Or makes you think about things slightly differently :)
Thank you, Samantha !
Jennifer D
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Great tutorial Carrie! Thank you as always!
Maggie L
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I book self-care activities on split shift days. Filling what I call my “soon to be interrupted downtime” with activities that nurture me gets me through that lag and I don’t feel as drained at the end of the day. Not only is it really difficult to conquer a TO DO list with time-constraints, it often makes it that much harder to go back to being a nurturer. If I attend a Pilates class during my break, I come back to working with clients as someone who believes in and practices the method.

So often I find people book appointments like massage and private sessions on their days OFF. While that can work, the appointment can disrupt something that one would actually prefer to stick with like exploring new exercises, or getting lost in podcasts while taking a walk, cooking, cleaning, gardening, chores and errands that are unpredictable in terms of how long they will take.
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That was great! You hit on some things we probably know but need to be reminded. I always look forward to your classes and would love for you to do a mat class modifying moves on the apparatus, with bands, balls, gliders.
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Thank you for this tutorial!!!!!!
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Thank you Carrie Macy . You are one of my favorite teachers on her. I love your cueing, corrections, pace and even flow into the next exercise. I wish you would teach more classes! One thing that has helped me with burnout is to find something new to learn that can actually help my clients get better work. This past year I have certified in 2 levels of NeuroKinetic Therapy. It helps me discover what is over and under working when clients have pain and help get them better through Pilates. I can't imagine teaching without this anymore!!
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Thank you Carrie I live on the east coast of Canada no support from other instructors except when I do workshops In Alberta your comments were inspirational for me and validated what is good for me my space my time and my client I love pilates anytime have gained so much from classes on this site
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