Greene Street Studio<br>Deborah Lessen<br>Special 3297

Greene Street Studio
Deborah Lessen
Special 3297

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Carolan A
awesome..i thought my 120 year old private studio/home was cool..i so agree with your observations regarding teaching classes. back in the 90's . i was always panicked stricken to teach, even just the mat, for so many people didn't have a clue regarding their bodies. i always thought it was a personality fault of mine, but the energy and chance of turning someone away from the beauty of pilates was overwhelming that I turned to just teaching semi-privates for over 20 years now, and the last 14 years i have been snuggled here in my own very private studio which is part of my property. I just happen to have 2 homes, which i converted the oldest of the structures into my haven
thank you so much for are not too far for me to visit...xoxo
Love this segment! Very inspiring! Always been my dream to live adjacent to my studio! Awesome space!
Sherri Betz
I totally agree and just love that Deborah lowered the footbar to have people work in more hip extension! I am so grateful to have worked with Deborah in that special space!
such an enjoyable tour and interview!
Thank you Kristi- this is so lovely- Deborah's home and studio are very welcoming, and her words so wise. Not sure the cat liked the cameras!! I feel the same way about Pilates being a vocation- what an amazing gift we have been given by whoever first taught us the method.
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