Greene Street Studio<br>Deborah Lessen<br>Special 3297

Greene Street Studio
Deborah Lessen
Special 3297

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wow... SO cool to nosey around Deborah's studio! Thank you for sharing. Great questions from Kristy about home studio/life balance.
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Thank you...for the open house-studio, thank you for the open words... Thank you!
This is awesome Thank You for sharing
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so lovely and so New York! Such an inspiration, thank You!
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oh my! Deborah! what an inspiring space! Would be interested to hear when you replace the "original" copy of Carola's reformer, what will you replace it with?
The privilege of doing these studio interviews is not lost on me. I am very grateful to learn from all "Studio Tour" teachers in any capacity, but to see inside their daily practice in this way has taught me nuance I could never get in a class alone. Thank you (again) Deborah.
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Wow, Kristi you know Deborah is right when she says that if not for PA so many of us would not be exposed to the history, mind blowing teachers and genuine kindred spirits. Its so fun to go there with you too! How cool is that studio, in NYC! Thank you!
Really fascinating thank you. Combining my love of houses with such knowledgeable and inspiring Pilates teachers - what could be better!! I feel I've found my vocation a little late in life (50 this year!) but I have found it none the less. Much love from the UK and hope you are recovering from the mudslides in CA. Sarahxx
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I love these extra features! Thank you for doing these! Kristi, have you done one of these on yourself? I would love to have you sit and talk about your beginnings with PA. As a Pilates teacher, I don’t know what I would do without you!
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Thank you so much!! Loved this insight.
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