Greene Street Studio<br>Deborah Lessen<br>Special 3297

Greene Street Studio
Deborah Lessen
Special 3297

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Thank you Sharon, I've been interviewed before, but haven't sat down and answered any questions about PA beginnings in depth on Pilates Anytime. I'm happy to answer anything and also curious to know what you might be interested in hearing more about.
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Love this! Found it interesting and very helpful. What an amazing space. Thanks for letting us enter your home Deborah.
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I would love to hear your whole story. How did you get interested in Pilates. I know you are BASI trained but were there other big influences? How did you start PA ? Were there problems to overcome? I’m sure it was a big learning experience but what did you learn , any surprises ? Was there anyone helping you or giving you advice? As if it isn’t enough to have classes with the top people in the world of Pilates- you offer the workshops, discussions, interviews and it’s so wonderful to be able to download classes to watch when you’re not on WiFi. What else are you working on or what else would you like to do? I think what you have done is really awesome!
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Kristi I love that you are doing this. It is so awesome to get a glimpse into these beautiful spaces and to get great information on how others run their business. Have you done this for your beautiful Pilates Anytime studio?
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This was excellent! I feel so inspired. It’s so exciting to be able to see inside Deborah’s studio. Thanks to Kristi and Deborah for making this happen! I’d love to see more studio tours on Pilates anytime.
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Sharon Barrett, Your interest in how Pilates Anytime came to be and your compliments about the result of it have truly made my day. Thank you.
You speak about obstacles to overcome, one of them would be presenting my own story, or the story of of Pilates Anytime on our website without it seeming self indulgent (which is not to say it has been easy or all that glamorous). I'll think on how to share how the transition occurred from lifelong individual Pilates teacher to developing Pilates Anytime that might serve and encourage others. Frankly, I think its a good story and, spoiler alert, not one I can claim as my own. Thank you again. so much.
Thank you for sharing, love these in studio segments interesting and inspirational!
Can’t wait!
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