Real Pilates<br>Alycea Ungaro<br>Special 3298

Real Pilates
Alycea Ungaro
Special 3298

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Thank you for sharing!
Patricia Oehrlein
Beautiful space and such a positive, hopeful outlook. Love it. Thank you for sharing.
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Absolutely loving these studio visit videos. As a fledgling studio owner it gives me so much inspiration and food for thought. Fabulous idea and please keep them coming. Thanks for all that you do PilatesAnytime.
Francesca M
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Good stuff Alycea! 😊
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Love watching these tours. Keep it coming.
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very interesting this studios tour
I was very happy when I saw de cc on the toolbar
but it is not working
I think it would be great the English subtitle for a lot of people
thank you PA
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So fun to see!
Thank you Kristi for the tour and interview! I want to go to NY now just to visit one of Alycea's beautiful studios!
Ilaria C
WOW! THAT'S AMAZING. thank you Kristi for showing us that we are so far away.. I WOULD LOVE LOVE TO SEE MORE OF THESE STUFF!
 Ilaria (Italy)
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