Reformer for Tech Posture
Sally Anderson
Class 3309

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Thank you for this amazing workout. I appreciate the precision in cueing. Excellent!
Thank you so much for this perfect class. I really enjoy your style of teaching Sally. You are calm, well spoken and highly knowledgeable.
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Sally, your cueing is perfection! Thank you for a great workout! Loved using the weights and starting on the floor :)
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Thank you for the great 'feel good' class. I appreciated the cuing and the focus not only on the back extensor but also on the pelvis! Wishlist has Tower and Wunda Chair on it :)
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Excellent. Please do more like this.
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Great cues!! Great work!
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Beautiful class with excellent cues! Thank you:)
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Thank you for a lovely class, Sally! Very articulate, easy to follow cues.
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This was such a therapeutic class. Thank you for this present.
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how fabulous is this class - really loved it thanks sally
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