Reformer for Tech Posture
Sally Anderson
Class 3309

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Lovely. Thank you
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Great class thanks Sally! Love the standing series with weights and so many other great variations :)
Great great class. Thank you so much for holding space for us teachers.
Love your calm teaching style and always appreciate to discover new exercises like the caterpillar and it's adaptation on the Reformer. So powerful. Hope you'll be back.
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Loved this class !!!
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Fantastic class, thank you! Loved the hip opening cues and arm circles in the lunging thigh stretch. Lots more that i enjoyed, but i'll run out of characters soon. Looking forward to trying the rest of the play list. I think you're the clearest instructor i've seen. I could follow easily on my reformer using your cues and hardly had to turn to check what your students were doing in the video.
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Thank you for bringing light in that this is an issue for all instructors forward flexing over clients all day- it makes me feel like I’m not alone. Even my breathing is constantly flexing core as I instruct, extension is more difficult to feel while teaching. So you are right, this is so necessary.
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Agree about always hunching forward for clients - glad its not just me!! Thanks for a great video for us teachers =)
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I feel like "new", or should I say my back feels like "new". That IS a good thing! Thank you Sally!
really lovely class thank you !
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