Primitive Movement Reformer<br>Myriam Kane<br>Class 3322

Primitive Movement Reformer
Myriam Kane
Class 3322

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Very different and delicious. I will come back to this class frequently. Thank you Myriam.
Myriam Kane
You are welcome, ZA!!
Greta Martin
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This is a really great class to watch often for refreshing understanding of the neuro-integration that helps so greatly with out automatic movements like walking -helping us remain intelligent & aware. Thank you!
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That was AWESOME!!!!! 🤩
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Thank you 😊😊
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Absolutely loved this! I am working on your principles a little every day to great effect. Thanks so much!
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Super class. Thank you!
Cara B
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Really enjoyed watching this, inspiration to teach my classes tonight!
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Fantastic! I am loving all this primal movement. Its so functional and grounding. I do hope we can have some more. Thank you
Michele M
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Very intuitive movements, so important for aging bodies I.e. all of us! Thank you for sharing Myriam:)
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