Reformer Exploration<br>Elizabeth Larkam<br>Class 3339

Reformer Exploration
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 3339

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Challenging hip work that we all need. Thanks Elizabeth.
My pelvic felt so much better right after the session. You are amazing.
Hai Bin and Lynn, thank you for appreciating this reformer class. I first created these sequences for a client who had fractured her tibia in the New York Marathon and was 12 weeks on crutches. I thought that partial-weight bearing exercises that integrate all the myofascial continuities would address her compensations and imbalances. Then I discovered that this class could benefit and challenge everyone, no matter what their movement history
Patricia Oehrlein
Elizabeth Larkam you should be a spy. You deceptively used that silky voice to trick me into discovering the most challenging Reformer workoutI I have done in a long time. I love all the bony landmark cues. Very helpful to understand the movement. Thank you!
Esmeralda B
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That was wonderful! Thank you!
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Благодарю Elizabeth Larkam за прекрасный класс! На минимальном сопротивление такой огромный труд всего тела!
Very challenging.. love it. Her voice is so peaceful and calm.
Truly an exploration, AND so fun! Thank you 🙏🏽
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Elizabeth you are an inspiration, I have your DVD's from many years ago and was so excited to see you post a new workout a few days ago. Yes, the silky, calming voice on a killer routine. You are one of my favourites and add so much to the wider pilates community. Thank you for your generous spirit in always sharing your immense wealth of knowledge and wisdom.
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