Reformer Exploration<br>Elizabeth Larkam<br>Class 3339

Reformer Exploration
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 3339

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fabulous workout and what a calming voice you have.
Pilates Anytime colleagues and friends, now you know my ‘secret’: create a magic carpet of cues with a smooth, calm voice to seduce you into a movement flow that has high novelty and low risk. Then, when everything is going along just fine, include (without warning) a less familiar variation that exposes a kinesthetic ‘blind spot’. When you are concentrating and in a rhythmic flow it is easier to focus as difficulty increases. Since you’ve ‘cracked my code’ you are well prepared for next week’s new mat class)
This is an awesome class. I have psoriatic arthritis and some days I'm very challenged. I also loved the camera views, love to see more of that on Pilates Anytime. Helps to see from all angles.
Elizabeth, I have added this video to my list. I’ll give it a try this weekend. As I have enjoyed your videos, I’m really looking forward to this one. But I have a request. I have been searching for a Pilates workout that focuses on pre and post knee replacement surgery. I’m actually having a bilateral replacement on March 12 and I have been preparing like crazy with Pilates anytime. Is this a video you’d consider? I’m not alone out here, many people are having knee replacement surgery. Just a thought. P.s. I have been doing Pilates for 10 years and have my own body balance reformer in my garage that I religiously use.
Anna Sheldon.
I have a tight thoracic spine and felt wonderful after this - thank you!
Lisa the PilatesAnytime production and editing teams deserve all credit and praise for a superb job of filming camera angles and editing to create a wonderful education product. I love working with them and am so grateful to PilatesAnytime for quality, consistency and integrity. We all benefit😊
Kate V
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After a nasty fall from a ladder several years ago, I developed a bursitis in my right greater trochanter. I haven't been able to bear weight evenly for a long time. Doing this class twice now, I've noticed marked improvement! Thanks very much, Elizabeth!
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WOW!!! That is one twisted workout. I am an OTD student and I used this workout for my study break thoracic spine is soooo happy!! Definitely doing this again. Thank you Elizabeth Larkam! You are gift to us all. :)
Pam , Kate , Lisa , Clare so happy to hear that this Reformer class benefits each of you. Even though everyone of us has a unique movement history, the structure of the neuromyofascial system is sufficiently similar so that many people can benefit from the same class.
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OMG! As already mentioned, your voice sucks us in, but for anyone who has done your videos, there is always torture (the good kind) coming. Somehow your voice makes me think, (initially), "its not that hard" but soon my entire body is quivering. How do you come up with this stuff? Its magical. thank you.
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