Day 1: Feet<br>Sarah Bertucelli<br>Class 3345

Day 1: Feet
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 3345

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Loved day one as I knew I would Sarah Bertucelli. Heading over to the studio to do day 2 now!
Thank you for encouraging me out of the box, into the studio, to pay attention to my feet and most of all to play!
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Enjoyed the class Sarah! It was nice to pay attention to our feet beyond point and flex 😃
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Fabulous class Sarah! I’ve been trying to focus so much more on the position of my clients’ feet during their workouts as I also believe that everything needs to work correctly from the ground up! I so loved all the different foot positions!!
Any possibilities of having something similar on the Cadillac please 🙏🏻👣
What a great idea Anita. I will keep it in mind.
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I loved the focus on the feet, as we know it is a necessity but don't always do it. I will definitely repeat these exercises. Looking forward to day 2 Thank You. :~)
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That was wonderful! I loved all the little variations in playing with the feet, and how you make the whole body feel warm and toned in the end! Thank you, Sarah!
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Just finished the workout and my feet feel great! Those toe squats were killer- I could only do the first version but I will definitely be working up to the full lifted part. Thank you!
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Thank you for this focus on the feet! Great class and my feet are ready for the day.
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My wife and I began practicing Pilates in June of 2017 and are fortunate enough to have a Studio Reformer/Tower in our home. We are active 63 year olds and ride our bikes 30-60 miles a week while incorporating Pilates at home, some group classes at our local studio and a private lesson at our home every other week. AND the best part is that Pilates Anytime allows us non-professionals to have access to great instructors and challenges such as this. Yes, I had to modify a few of the movements and my knees have not touched my forehead since I was five :) Thank you for a great challenge and I look forward to the next one.
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love your style,and i find always what i needed in your classes.looking forward to doing the next class tomorrow.thank you.
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