Lengthening Cadillac Flow<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 3360

Lengthening Cadillac Flow
Amy Havens
Class 3360

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Muy buen ejercicio con la push through bar para ayudar a elevar la pelvis. Me ha gustado mucho esta clase. Gracias.
OMG!!! I seriously LOVE this photo of you. So beautiful. xx
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Thank you Amy- I feel even and stretched! Lovely measured class
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Thank you Meredith Rogers :)
So glad you liked this class too Caroline B !
Your teaching style is so upbeat and motivating!
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Loved this! The diamond shape pelvic lift with the straps was so amazing. The whole class was. Thank you Amy!
Thank you Vicky !
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Hi Connie, I like that diamond pelvic tilt also, thank you for reaching out!
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thanks Amy, the shorts spine version on the push through bar feels fantastic­čîĚ
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